Coach Gilcrease's 2005-2006 Rules for Tennis

I expect the very best of behavior and attitude from each of my tennis players.  I am encouraging each of my players to participate in other sports and activities throughout the school year, providing that they have the interest and desire to do so.

1.    No practice, no play

2.    The highest caliber of sportsmanship is expected from each player.

3.    Players will report to the tennis courts no later than 4:25 PM.

4.    Tennis practice is strictly business.  There will be no horse-play or lounging around permitted.

5.    There will be no foul language, teasing, or name calling permitted.

6.    The student handbook policies are applicable at tennis practice and matches.

7.    Chewing gum and soda pop will not be permitted on the tennis courts.

8.    No player(s) will be allowed to leave the tennis court area without my prior approval.  This includes tournaments, matches, and practices.

9.    Players who have their own personal tennis racquets are expected to bring them daily.  Do not make a habit of permitting other people to use  your racquet.




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