This is the place!  It's a whole new year for the Buckaroos!

The Latest News -

Coach Gilcrease says that we started out slow this year, but we are havng a good Spring. 
Wynn Seale placed second in their zone for match play. We've lost a few players, but still have some strong contenders. 
The City Championships are next.

Highlights from the Fall -

Wynn Seale finished third overall at the CCISD Mixed Doubles Tournament, with two teams earning points.  
Chanti Vong and Ryan Garza made the quarter-finals and Clara Jobe and J.G. Hilley made the semi-finals.
The Gilcrease Classic, normally played as the last tournament in the fall was postponed due to weather
until the spring.  However, weather again caused it not to happen.  It might be re-scheduled.

2005-2006 Season Pictures

These pictures are greatly reduced in size from the original.  If you wish to obtain full size copies,
e-mail me at the address given below with the subject line of "Wynn Seale Tennis" and I will try to get them to you.

    First team meeting  - 8/25/05

Coach prepares to speak The first arrivals A question from a member Members look over the rules
Coach explains the rules      

    First team practice at Wynn Seale  - 8/30/05

First lesson lecture No talking over there! Ladies listening Gents and ladies listening
First lesson lecture 2 Helping the beginners Coach shows ready position Beginners immitate
Together everyone Coach shows footwork Forehand drill 1 Chanti and Lori
Clara and Chanti Forehand drill 2 Forehand drill 3 Forehand drill 4
Coach demonstrates We're tired Coach closing talk Coach discusses uniforms

    First team practice at Al Kruse  - 9/12/05

Arrival 1 Arrival 2 Line up for drill Forehand drill 1
Forehand drill 2 Forehand drill 3 Forehand drill 4 Forehand drill 5
JG's happy Doubles practice Ricardo serves JG receives
Chanti and Ricardo 1 Chanti and Ricardo 2 JG asks his racquet what is wrong Lori is amazed
Ryan, Lori and Chanti Mrs. Vong feeds the forehand drill    

    Team practice at Al Kruse  - 9/20/05

Lori and Richard Quick team warm-up Clara arrives a little late Chanti and Chris M

    CCISD Mixed Doubles Tournament at H.E.B. Tennis Center  - 10/10/05

Team Arrives and unpacks (Who's the big kid in the red shorts?)
Chris G. passes the time waiting for a partner who never arrived.
Chris M., Richard, and Lori pre-match warm-up.
J.G., James, and Kenneth mentally prepare.
James, J.G., Ryan and Chris M. keep themselves amused.
Analaura and Chris M. begin their 1st round match.
Chris watches to see if his serve lands in.
Cassandra and Kenneth receive in their 1st round match.
Kenneth takes a few practice serves.
Kenneth comes in behind his serve.
Ryan and Chanti warm up for their 1st round match.
Ryan demonstrates his powerful forehand.
Chanti and Ryan eye high forehand coming their way.
Ryan lives to serve.
Richard and Clara share an IPOD waiting for the next round.
Chanti and Ryan with game faces. This is serious!
Ryan and Chanti get the shady side of the court in a tie-break.
Chanti waits to receive serve.
Clara handles a high forehand in a 1st round match.
Clara reaches to not let it get by.
J.G. demonstrates great forehand form. Where's the ball? (Hint: see the shadow)
J.G. serves in 1st round match. (J.G. and Clara were #4 seed).
J.G. tosses high for a serve. Nice trophy pose, eh?
Clara says "Anything you can do, I can do, too!"
Notice nearly the same body position with J.G. and Clara's serve, up on their toes, knees bent.
Clara and J.G. serving. Do their opponents look ready?
J.G. in his toss position. Is this art?
Clara ready to receive.
Is J.G. taunting his opponents?
Chanti keeps her eye on the ball during her serve.
Richard watches his return of serve in their 1st round match.
Lori's backhand follow through. She means business.
Richard watches Lori handle a forehand.
Richard's turn for a forehand.
Richard launches a powerful forehand. Nice wrist positon!
Richard wonders "That was on the line, wasn't it?"
Lori hits another backhand while practicing her cheerleading moves.
Lori watches the ball on her serve. Notice her left arm dropping, as it should.
Lori's opponent watches her serve.
Richard and Lori in action late in the match.
Cassandra rests after her 1st round match.
Chanti remarks "If you call my partner that name again I'm showing you no mercy."
Ryan and Chanti in their 2nd round match.
Ryan and Chanti, "Serve sometime today, will ya?"
Ryan handles an easy backhand.
Chanti takes the forehand.
Save!! Look!!  (James and Kenneth)
Cassandra, James and Kenneth toss around a heavy blue ball waiting for lunch.
J.G. and Clara in their third round match.
Clara says "I can serve like this all day!"
J.G. eyes a serve.
Clara handles a wide forehand. Notice the racquet head flex as the ball reaches the strings.
J.G. is ready for the opponents' serve. Both players show good ready position.
J.G. and Clara get ready for their semi-final match.
The last match players in the vie for 3rd place. Grant takes the trophy.  Are you sure that tall one's an eighth grader?
J.G. and Clara show their 4th place ribbons at the end of a long day. Tired, but smiling.

vs. Kaffie at Al Kruse  - 10/13/05

Sorry, no pictures were taken.  The camera battery gave out.

    vs. Tom Browne at Al Kruse  - 10/20/05

Bus drop-off 1
Bus drop-off 2
Norma relaxes
Coach makes his entrance
Ricardo prepares to hit a backhand
Ricardo concentrates
J.G. hops to it
Richard tells James, "That was your shot."
J.G. takes a bow after one gets by him
Richard puts topspin on a high return
Lori walks to her match
Chris M. and Chris G. warm up
Cassandra and Clara snack
Chris M. gets on his toes
Chris M. reaches for a low shot
Kenneth shows his pride
Kenneth and Chris G. get serious
Chris M. sends a high volley
Wesley (Kenneth's brother) practices with the team
Kenneth's form?
Coach and Mrs. Vong chat
Cassandra hits a high lob
Chanti's gets jammed on the forehand
Lori sends an high return
Cassandra and the one that got away
Cassandra volleys
Clara eyes a high bouncing shot
Chanti and Clara share a laugh
James returns a quick forehand
Cassandra signals "out" to her opponent
Kenneth and Chris G. watch the remaining matches
Cassandra keeps her eye on the ball
Cassandra wins her first match for Wynn Seale

    vs. Grant at Al Kruse  - 10/27/05

Clara vs Jamie 1
Clara vs Jamie 2
Cassandra and Chanti
Coach talks with Cassandra and Chanti

    vs. Cullen at Al Kruse  - 11/03/05

Chris M. and Joseph
Team gathering 1
Team gathering 2
Team gathering 3
Pre-match chat
Ryan and Ricardo

    Team practice at Al Kruse  - 11/08/05

Analisa forehand
Analisa half-volley
Analisa, not sure
Analisa waits
Clara backhand
Ryan and Ricardo
Analisa flying forehand
Analisa using the Force
Ryan and Ricardo
Analisa lets one get by

    Tuloso-Midway Tournament  - 11/12/05

Ladies prepare to enter the waiting area
Ladies process
Chanti and Mrs. Vong eye the site and talk with Coach Gilcrease
Warming up - Clara, Chanti, Joseph, and Richard
Warming up - Richard, Chanti, and Joseph
Warming up - Clara lets one go by
Warming up - Maria and Norma share a laugh
Warming up - Cassandra returns a high forehand
Warming up - Chris G. and Ryan
Warming up - Ricardo and J.G. looking at something more interesting than the ball
Warming up - Norma concentrates
Warming up - Maria, Norma, and Cassandra
Warming up - Chris G. and Ryan
Warming up - Chanti prepares for a backhand return
Warming up - Joseph and Chanti
Loading the bus - Chris G., Joseph, and Clara (Look out, Joseph! Look at the door not the camera!)
Loading the bus - Mrs. Vong, Coach Gilcrease, and Norma
On the bus - Coach Gilcrease addresses the team going to the other site
On the bus - "Coach, why are these seat backs so tall?"
On the bus - Mrs. Jobe waits to help
Off the bus - Richard exits
Off the bus - Ricardo exits
Off the bus - J.G. with his "game face"
Ryan, Joseph, Maria, and Clara gather by the assignments table
Joseph tells Ryan, "Hold still while I whack the bee on your chest." (Girls watch what happens)
Mr. Jobe, Maria, and Clara walk to their assigned courts
Mr. Jobe, Clara and Maria tolerate the windy conditions
Chris M. and Richard in their doubles match
Maria and Clara anticipate their first matches
Mrs. Jobe hands Richard bags to take to the bus
Coach Gilcrease discusses the results with another coach

    Gilcrease Classic - 01/28/06

(Cancelled due to weather and scheduling conflicts)


    Spring Practice at Al Kruse  - 01/24/06

Waiting for team meeting
Coach waiting for quiet
Coach speaks
Uh oh, must be bad news
Yep, it's lecture time


    vs. Tom Browne at Al Kruse  - 02/09/06
                  Wynn Seale wins 14-2

Kenneth waiting to warm up
Richard's strong forehand follow-through
Kenneth goes off his feet
Richard watches an "out" shot go by
James, forehand
Kenneth is ready to return
Chris leaves the ground to make the shot
Richard in action
James, leaning forehand
Chanti spots the camera
Visiting Mr. Grande's not sure about all these young women around him
Mr. Grande smiles as the crowd of fans disperse
Chanti's forehand during the warmup drill
J.G. and others wait their turn
Norma, the rising star, waits for another match
Clara smiling and taking aim
Maria and Lori pre-match practice
Maria lauches a high return
Clara and Cassandra share a laugh during practice
Pre-match meeting 1
Pre-match meeting 2
Pre-match meeting 3
Pre-match meeting 4, wake up Kenneth!
Coach explains the game plan
Coach listens to questions
Clara serves during her match
Chanti's backhand during her match
Chanti serving
Cassandra runs to reach the shot
Cassandra serving during her match
Clara approaches the net
Clara aims her next shot while her opponent waits
Chanti eyes the ball for the high forehand return
Clara serving for the win

    vs. Kaffie at Al Kruse  - 02/16/06
                 Wynn Seale wins 10-4

Movie of Coach, prematch meeting
Team gathers under the gazebo
Norma concentrates during practice
Analisa fights the windy conditions
Cassandra and Norma warm up
Analisa ready and sneering at the ball
Analisa forehand follow-through
Cassandra aims at an easy forehand
Norma returns one high
Richard tries a high volley
Analisa handles a shot close to her
Chris eyes on the ball
Maria handles a high shot
James winding up
Richard's backhand
Cassandra's forehand follow-through
Norma awaits the overhead shot
Chris reaches
Team meeting 1
Team meeting 2
Team meeting 3
Team meeting 4
J.G. and Ricardo
J.G. warm-up 1
J.G. warm-up 2
Ricardo and J.G. both go for it
J.G. warm-up 3
J.G. stretches to reach
Chanti practice forehand
Ricardo ready? and J.G.
Ricardo and J.G., can anyone explain this one?
Chris winding up

   vs. St. James (scrimage) at Al Kruse  - 02/23/06

Clara practice
Maria and Lori, doubles team
Maria and Lori having no worries
James and Cassandra, doubles team
James off the ground, again
Cassandra, stretching for a backhand
Cassandra, familiar form, as James runs to cover for her
Chris and Richard watch and wait
Richard starts his serve
Chris, the Iceman, eyes his opponent
Cassandra, easy forehand
Cassandra runs
Richard prepares early for a forehand
Maria talks with the coaches
Coach greets Jamie (from Grant) as James' sister waits to practice
Ryan prepares to return the serve

    vs. Grant at Al Kruse  - 03/02/06
                  Wynn Seale wins 10-3

Wynn Seale ladies get out the equipment
Lori, warming up
Cassandra, high forehand
Analisa warms up
Clara runs and reaches
Analisa runs during warmup
Clara, relies on The Force
Clara eyes on the ball
Clara takes a low backhand
Analisa early prep for a forehand
Ryan, high forehand
J.G. leaps and returns
Richard takes an overhead
James leaps, again. (Does he ever touch the ground?)
Richard, hits and watches the camera person
Richard returns off one foot
Clara serving during her match
Jamie (Grant)
Chris waits to return serve
Chris, the Iceman, stares down his opponent
Lori and Cassandra, doubles team
Cassandra chases a forehand
Cassandra and Lori
Cassandra returns a high forehand
Ricardo reaches low
J.G. prepares for an easy overhead (that he's about to SMASH)
Richard chasing a wide forehand
Coach, relieved it's winding down


    vs. Cullen at Al Kruse  - 03/23/06
                  Wynn Seale wins 11-2

The team gathers pre-match for some Coach-provided doughnuts
You've had your doughnuts, now go get ready
Ladies sharing a laugh while finishing their snack (Ryan wonders if they are talking about him)
Cassandra and Clara warm up together
Lori and Maria on the other side
Lori with a high backhand return
Clara catches the ball before it goes to the fence
Cassandra about to smash an easy forehand
Maria sends a high return
Maria putting the ball in play smiling
Cassandra watches where her forehand shot lands
Lori focuses on an easy forehand
Cassandra about to duck so Clara can take the shot
Cassandra returns way off the court and begins to get back into position
Clara watches where her forehand shot lands
Cassandra runs back
Richard anticipates a drop shot
Analisa overruns one
Chris G. reaches to return with his shoes glued to the court
Analisa and Kenneth warm up
Analisa in motion
Kenneth with his eye on the ball
Kenneth releases his forehand with power
Coach and Mrs. Jobe watch the warm-ups and enjoy a snack
Ricardo backs up to return a high ball
James on the run
The team meets before Cullen players arrive
Coach goes over the strategy
"Does everyone understand?" (not sure what J.G. is thinking)
Some of the gentlemen notice J.G.'s expression
The ladies have their own meeting
Analisa meets her opponent at the net
Clara high toss to serve (almost looks like the tree caught the ball)
Chanti begins her serve
Chanti tosses
Clara hits a backhand
Clara with a game face for another backhand
Analisa serves
Clara runs right for a forehand
Chanti ready to receive her opponent's serve
Chanti watches her shot land
Cassandra about to return her opponent's serve
Lori hits a forehand in her match
Cassandra sends one high
Cassandra serving
Coach looks pleased but Cullen's coach is a little worried, Clara and Chanti chat after their matches


    vs. Baker at Al Kruse  - 03/30/06
                  Wynn Seale loses 5-10 (3 matches went to tie-break)

Analisa forehand 1
Analisa forehand 2
J.G. warms up with his opponent 1
J.G. ready to make a backhand return
Chanti bouncing a ball while waiting
J.G. receives a ball from his opponent before serving
J.G. serves with a high toss to begin his match
J.G. continues serving
Clara waits to receive
Analisa serving (What is she whispering to the ball?)
Clara serve follow-through
Clara hits a high backhand
Coach talks with a friend
Ryan waits on a forehand (his match went to a tie-break)
Chris G. serving a kicker
Chris G. serves again
Analisa prepared for an easy backhand
Chanti serving
Chanti hits a backhand on the run
Chanti with an agressive forehand (I finally captured her off the ground)
J.G. chases a drop shot (or is he chasing Cassandra?)
Cassandra on the move during warm-up
Clara reacts to one that landed out
Cassandra meets her opponent at the net
Cassandra sends a high shot
Clara and her opponent (Jordan) after their match
Cassandra with her eye on the ball
Lori hits an overhead
Clara and Maria discuss post-match analysis while Coach talks with some Baker players
Kenneth gives his opponent his game face
Kenneth zeros in on an easy bouncer
Kenneth serving
James serving (nice form, extended forearm, reaching high, ball perfectly in the strings)
Clara serves in her second match
Clara about to let loose on a high return
Clara prepares for a backhand



        Picture day at Al Kruse- 04/06/06       

I must apologize for these pictures.   After they were all taken, we discovered a fingerprint
smudge on the camera lens (upper right of each picture).

Chris, James, and Kenneth in the bleachers
Richard, J.G., Ricardo, and Ryan
J.G., Ricardo, and Ryan when Coach is looking their way
Coach smiles
Ladies get ready for the team picture
Coach looks at the team impatiently
Lori and Clara (I have no idea what the expressions meant)
Clara caught smiling
Photographer poses the team
Team ready to smile
Team poses I
Team poses II
Team poses III
Team poses IV
Another serious team pose
One final serious team pose
Somebody wake up Kenneth
Team prepares to be silly
Yep, they're silly
Enough silliness
Pyrmaid idea takes shape
Pyramid idea collapses
Pyramid after-effects
Group playing around again
Coach and Clara
Cassandra still wants to practice
Norma, Clara, and Lori
Richard, still practicing
Ryan and J.G. laughing at something
Cassandra poses with racquet

        CCISD City Championships at W.B. Ray H.S.  - 04/08/06

Kenneth and Chanti warm up early
Richard joins Kenneth
Clara forehand
Chanti forehand
Richard and Chris G. warm up
Parents set up the team's base
Is Clara sleeping?
Chanti returns a forehand in the strong wind
Lori, J.G, and Ricardo begin to hit
Analisa in Hollywood style warms up (Is she standing on the net?)
Maria runs to get a ball pushed by the wind
Analisa about to whack the ball laying on the court
Maria smiles
James, Lori, and Maria
Team members with headphones, cell phones and Playstations I
Team members with headphones, cell phones and Playstations II
Kenneth and Analisa
Team members with headphones, cell phones and Playstations III
Team members with headphones, cell phones and Playstations IV
Clara listening to music waiting on the call to play
Team members with headphones, cell phones and Playstations V
Clara and her mother tolerate the cool morning wind
A few watch and the rest continue to play
Maria and Lori through the fence
Maria and Lori, doubles match I
Maria and Lori, doubles match II
Lunch arrives
Coach talks with old friends
Richard enjoying the lunch break
Maria and James
Clara after her quarter-final match, her expression tells the results
Clara and Analisa watch the afternoon matches
J.G.'s family and Clara's mom watch J.G. and Ricardo's final round match
J.G. and Ricardo pick up their 1st place medals
J.G. and Ricardo with their medals. They were too tired to be silly.
Eighth grade boys doubles finalists
Richard and James, finish 4th in a really close tie-breaker


Thanks to Coach Gilcrease and all the players and parents for aother great season!

See you next year!




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