Sweat + Sacrifice (with doughnuts and sodas) = Success


2004-2005 Season Pictures

vs. Tom Browne - 09/30/04

Movie - Clara winning shot (normal speed with audio)  
Movie - Clara winning shot (slow speed without audio)

vs. Grant  - 10/28/04

Clara prepares to play Clara forehand Clara runs
Richard serving 1 Richard serving 2  

vs. Kaffie  - 10/14/04

Arrival 1 Arrival 2 Clara & Justin 1 Clara & Justin 2
Team assembles Clara & Jessica 1 Clara & Jessica 2  

Ray H.S. Mixed Doubles

Team waiting Team observing Behind the stands
Clara & JG 2nd match Clara & JG 3rd match  

Team Practice  - 11/01/04

"Everyone do your 20-20-20" Ricardo & Ryan Joseph watches the "experts" Monique and Lori practice serving  
"If you drop your ball I'll make you do 20 pushups."

vs. Cullen  - 11/04/04

Team meets prior to match 1   Team meets prior to match 2  
Joseph Monica moves left Monica prepares return Monica watches
Monica forehand Ariel, Jessica, and Miranda Taylor high forehand Taylor volleys
Ariel serve 1 Coach Gilcrease chats Monica far court 1 Monica far court 2
JG serve 1 Monica ready position 1 Monica winces Monica signals "out"
Monica ready position 2 Clara serve 1 Ariel watches ball going out Ariel serve 2
Monica serve toss 1 Monica forehand preparation Monica serve toss 2 Richard and Ryan 1
JG serve 2 JG serve toss Justin serves Richard and Ryan 2
Clara and Miranda talk strategy Ariel forehand winner 1 Ariel forehand winner 2 Clara serve 2
Miranda forehand preparation Clara forehand 1 Clara forehand 2 Miranda review shot
Monica serves Miranda serves Justin and Taylor 1 Taylor goes for it
Justin and Taylor 2      

vs. Baker  - 11/16/04

Richard and Justin warm up JG and Ryan warm up 1 Ricardo and Joseph warm up 1 JG waiting during warmup
Miranda, Ariel, and Clara warm up Ricardo and Joseph warm up 2 Ricardo, Joseph, and Taylor Ricardo and Joseph warmup 3

Gilcrease Classic (rainout)  - 12/04/04

Porsche, Andrew, and Justin Joey and Joseph Joey working hard Andrew, Porsche, and Justin
Andrew and Justin Non-workers watch and smile Coaches talk, team  push water Team check-in and Justin smiling
Coach demonstrates his technique Porsche working hard The team gathers JG and Ricardo watch the water move
Coach and JG working hard Coach and Ricardo visit former student    

Gilcrease Classic (reschedule)  - 01/22/05

Wynn Seale team arrives Coach, Josh, Justin, Lori Ariel, curious guys Man, check that out!
Teams makes camp, Clara Coach calls a team meeting 1 Coaches calls a team meeting 2 Coach explains the plan
Coach listens to questions Team waits, Andrew naps Miranda & Jessica center court Miranda & Jessica warm up
Porsche and Ariel, serving Ariel retrieves a ball in the net Joseph and Alex Ryan and JG ready
Ryan serves Josh & Taylor warm up 1 Josh & Taylor warm up 2 Clara prepares for match
Clara serve 1 Clara return Clara ready position Clara ready for handshakes
Lori and opponent discuss score Lori waits for overhead Richard served Andrew return
Andrew notices supporters Andrew forehand 1 Andrew forehand 2 Andrew is congratulated
Coach & Clara talk Mr. Rodriquez takes a break Porsche & Monica watch Clara serve toss
Clara and opponent      


Off Day Practice at Al Kruse  - Christmas Break 2004

Clara backhand Justin serve1 Clara forehand Justin serve 2


Practice at Al Kruse  - 02/08/05

Form a circle and listen Circle drill 1 Circle drill 2 3 lines
Justin forehand Taylor forehand JG forehand Clara forehand
Richard ready Coach feeds Miranda forehand Justin backhand

vs. Tom Brown  - 02/10/05

Pre-match doughnuts 1 Pre-match doughnuts 2 Justin big forehand
Clara serving Monica serving Monica & Andrew doubles
Justin forehand movie - slow motion  

Practice at Al Kruse  - 02/14/05

Richard and Lori discuss the score Richard high forehand movie Lori forehand movie

vs. Grant (warmups)  - 03/03/05

Did you give her that doughnut? Ricardo and JG warm up Ashley and Janelle Jessica, Richard, and Lori
"All together now, Alex and Justin" plus Ariel Ricardo demonstrates, JG wets his lips Ricardo's backhand Ricardo the robot, Ariel's dad and coach

vs. Cullen (warmups) - 03/24/05

Pre-match meeting 1 Pre-match meeting 2 The doughnuts are over there Pre-match meeting 4
Andrew backhand follow through Andrew high volley Andrew running volley Andrew serving
Lori and Clara Clara backhand 1 Monica serving Clara forehand 1
Lori running Clara forehand 2 Joseph high hit or a dance? Clara backhand 2
Clara backhand 3 Joseph backhand 3 Joseph forehand Porsche serve 1 w/ Joseph
Porsche serve 2 w/ Joseph Porsche running Monica returns high shot  

vs. Baker  - 03/31/05

Pre-match assignments Janelle and Devany doubles Janelle on the run Ashley and Lori doubles
Richard returns high volley Richard watches one go out Justin overhead smash Justin topspin forehand
Clara prepares for forehand Clara returns Clara serve 1 Clara serve 2
Jessica backhand Justin serves JG serves Alex ready for a backhand

Practice at Al Kruse  - 04/04/05

Team lines up for the drill Devany forehand 1 Devany forehand 2 "Ladies what's your set count?"
Coach pondering what's next Coach feeding the team Coach on the ball  

CCISD Championship Tournament - April 9, 2005

Clara, Justin, Janelle waiting to play Clara, Justin, Janelle watching Janelle returning serve
Janelle serving JG reaches for a return Ricardo preps for a winner
Joseph gets his match under cover Clara warming up Porsche warming up
Porsche backhand prep Porsche fights the windy weather Porsche on her toes
Monica follows her backhand shot Miranda, Jessica, and friends watch Ashley serving
Ashley returning serve Ashley and opponent discuss the score Jessica hits down the line
Miranda runs for the backhand Jessica keeps eyes on the ball Jessica & Miranda doubles team
Alex, Porsche, and Coach Clara returns a low ball Clara returns serve
Clara forehand prep Justin forehand prep 1 Justin concentrates on his backhand
Justin forehand prep 2 Justin backhand prep Ricardo and JG with gold medals
Richard gets his medal Alex and Richard with bronze medals Justin (bronze medal) and Clara (silver medal)
Medalists - we're # 1 !! Wynn Seale medalists with Coach  


Thanks to Coach Gilcrease and all the players and parents for a great season!

See you next year!



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